Kona Coffee Farm and Gifts
Aloha! Welcome to Kona Ken's Coffee farm,  home of authentic Kona Coffee grown in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. If you've ever tasted fresh roasted 100% Kona Coffee, then you know what a treat you are in for! We ship straight to you right from our roaster and you can even have your coffee personalized for you with our custom label!
    After years of friends begging us to sell Kona Coffee over the internet, we've finally made Kona Ken's easily available on the web. Here we only sell Fancy grade and Peaberry (when available). This is the "cream of the crop". The rest goes well… elsewhere. You won’t find Mac Nuts or assorted gift baskets here, no blends, just the best coffee produced by a string of obsessed individuals dedicated to making the perfect cup of coffee a reality for you.
Kona Hawaii Fresh Coffee
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Never roasted until you order, providing amazingly fresh coffee; you can taste the difference and smell the abundant aroma!

Never roasted until you order, providing amazingly fresh coffee; you can taste the difference and smell the abundant aroma!

Peaberry 100% pure kona coffeeFancy 100% pure kona coffee
Kona Coffee Love
  • Greg & Deb

    Michigan- What a beautiful product and the aroma is heavenly!


  • Stephanie C

     California- My family and I are loving your latest coffee. Just wanted you to know...it's perfect!

  • Robert T

    Alaska -  I made a cup with my aeropress and I can't recall ever tasting a better cup of coffee. I've tried 100% Kona coffee from several different farms and they've all been amazing, but this is the best so far! Thank you

  • Austin M

    California – I love the coffee!

  • Daniel M

    Texas - Kona Ken's Coffee=The Best there is.

  • Jessica R

    Canada - The coffee smells so good and brews up wonderfully. Thanks so much!

  • Tony D

    California - It's one of the true luxuries in life. I can now officially say it's awesome. My wife likes it so much more than the I**y we've been drinking. It makes our morning coffee a smooth, rich, pleasurable experience as opposed to the bitter wake-up call we were accustomed to.

  • Cindy L

    Washington - I'm enjoying my second cup of Kona Fancy right now and it is awesome!  To me the roast tastes perfect, full-bodied but not bitter.

  • Anita D

    Pennsylvania - Thank you Ken for your wonderful coffee. Your coffee really is the best and I look forward to ordering more.

  • Alexa S

    Chicago - May I just say that this is quite possibly the best coffee I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

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Kona Ken's Facebook Page

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